Reasons to Clean your Boiler’s Central Heating System

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you answer questions based on your existing boiler, We’ll recommend a set of boiler packages for you. You can either pay full upfront or just £10.97 per month using secure online payments. MM Heating will deliver the boiler via courier. A certified gas safe installer will arrive shortly after the delivery of the installer and get it all set up.

It is always suggested that you replace the old boiler as sometimes repairing cost could sometimes be as expensive as a new boiler. Usually, a brand new boiler is more efficient and reliable and will also be covered by a warranty.

Traditionally, a new A-rated boiler costs between £2500 and £4000. MM Heating can offer you the same A-rated boiler from £1,695, or from £10.97 a month, including VAT.

Yes. All of our installers and central heating engineers are highly professional and experienced with Gas Safe certification.

Yes. Every new MM Heating boiler comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee of up to 10 years.

Clear away any clutter around the boiler especially any valuables. Also, make sure that the boiler is in a dry and secure place.

‘Combi’ or Combination Boilers are the most popular boilers in the UK. They combine a high-efficiency water heater and Central Heating Boiler. They are highly efficient and consume less energy in heating bills.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves – or TRVs – are controls for your radiators. They regulate how much hot water flows into the radiator so you can adjust its temperature. Even though not mandatory, it is recommended by the government because they are highly efficient and consume less energy.

A flue is a pipe, like a chimney, that carries waste from the boiler. You can see your flue exit on the wall or roof of your home. When you buy a boiler from MM Heating, we’ll also supply and fit a brand new flue that comes along with all the safety attachments you need.

When you’ve paid in full or signed your finance agreement before 3:30 pm, you will be eligible to book a slot for a ‘next-day installation’. If you haven’t signed the agreement within the first 24 hours, your boiler will become available to other customers.

Yes. by putting a cleaner into your system, we do a chemical flush. Any debris remaining, will be caught by the magnetic Omega TF1 filter that we install for free. The process continues until the system is clean. Once the process completes, it is drained and refilled with clean water. Finally, an inhibitor is added to the water to protect the system.

NO! We do not. Powerflush causes more problems for older systems. Hence we stick to the highly-effective Chemical Flush.

The filter catches any debris from the system and prevents it from getting into the boiler.

A Plume Management Kit directs ‘products of combustion’ away from openings or vents into your property. This keeps you and your family safe.