Reasons to Cleanse Your Boiler Central Heating System

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does MM Heating work?


MM Heating puts you in control. We let you choose your new boiler and installation date online, without the hassle of salespeople.

Instead of sending a salesperson out to bother you at home, we get you to answer a few simple questions online. It’s easy to do on your phone.

You’ll be able to compare brands and prices to choose your new boiler. Then you choose a convenient date to have one of our expert Gas Safe engineers install it for you.

  1. Find
    First you’ll answer a few straightforward questions. What kind of boiler you have, the type of fuel it runs on, how big your home is, that sort of thing.
  2. Choose
    We’ll recommend a set of boiler packages and let you choose The One. You’ll be able to compare brands and prices to help make up your mind.
  3. Pay
    Our packages start at just £10.97 per month. You can also pay it all upfront using our secure online payments system. It’s up to you.
  4. Receive
    Your MM Heating will be delivered by courier on the morning of your installation day. Your engineer will arrive bright and early, too, between 7.30 and 8.30am.
    On the odd occasion we need to deliver your MM Heating a day or so before installation. But don’t worry, we always check with you to make sure it’s convenient.
  5. Install
    Then, your certified Gas Safe installer will arrive to get it all set up. Our installers are qualified, experienced professionals. They’re a friendly lot, too.

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Should I repair or replace my old boiler?

Replace. A repair can sometimes be as expensive as a brand new boiler. And you could easily have more problems with a repaired boiler further down the line.

A brand new boiler is usually more efficient and more reliable.

Your new boiler will be covered by warranty too – so if it breaks, the manufacturer will repair it with no extra charge.

We can provide a brand new A-rated boiler from £1,695, or from £10.97 a month, including VAT and Gas Safe installation.

How much does a new boiler cost?

The costs for:

  • a brand new A-rated boiler,
  • a brand new flue,
  • all the right fixtures, fittings and safety attachments,
  • installation from a Gas Safe Registered engineer

would traditionally set you back between £2,500 and £4,000.

MM Heating can offer you exactly the same A-rated boiler, flue, attachments and Gas Safe registered installation from £1,695, or from £10.97 a month, including VAT.

Are MM Heating installers trained and Gas Safe registered?

Yes. All of our installers are professional, experienced central heating engineers with Gas Safe certification.

Will I get boiler cover from MM Heating?

Yes. Every new MM Heating boiler comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee of up to 10 years.

You don’t need to do anything to activate your guarantee – we’ll register your boiler with the manufacturer as part of our installation service.

Will boiler installation make a mess?
Do I need to do anything before my installer arrives?
What is a Combi boiler?
What are Thermostatic Radiator Valves?
What is a flue?
When is my installation date booked?
Will MM Heating do a Chemical Flush?
Will MM Heating do a Powerflush?
What is the filter?
What is a Plume Management Kit?
Help with Find a boiler: can I delete my answers?

Do I need to do anything before my installer arrives?


Before your installer arrives, clear away any clutter around the boiler – especially valuables and things that break easily – and make sure the boiler is easy to access.

In some cases we need to deliver your MM heating a day or so before your installation (after checking with you, of course). Keep the package in a dry and secure place.

What is a Combi boiler?

Combi boilers, or Combination boilers, are the most popular type of boiler in the UK. They’re used by 74% of households.

They’re named ‘Combination’ because they combine a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler all in one package.

Combi boilers are efficient and cost less in heating bills.

That’s because:

  • They only heat water when you need it, rather than storing hot water up
  • They’re small and compact, as they don’t use an external hot water tank

What are Thermostatic Radiator Valves?

Thermostatic Radiator Valves – or TRVs – are controls for your radiators. They regulate how much hot water flows into the radiator so you can adjust its temperature.

TRVs also let you turn some radiators off (for example, in a room you’re not using) without turning off the heating.

Why do I need TRVs?

The Government recommends that every household has Thermostatic Radiator Valves because they:

  • save you money on heating bills
  • use less energy
  • are better for the environment

But they’re not mandatory.

What’s the cost?

Each valve costs £35. If you want TRVs installed please give us a call on 0800 193 7777 after you check out and we can add them to your order.

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What is a flue?

A flue is a pipe, like a chimney, that carries waste from the boiler outside. You can see your flue exit (the part of the flue that comes out of your house) on the wall or roof of your home.

Flues can either be square or round in shape.

If the flue is less than two metres off the ground, or underneath a carport or shelter, it’ll be covered by a guard. This looks like a piece of wire mesh covering the end of the flue.

When you buy a boiler from MM Heating, we’ll also supply and fit a brand new flue for you, along with all the safety attachments you need.

When is my installation date booked?

When you’ve paid in full or signed your finance agreement.

If you haven’t completed payment or agreed a finance plan 24 hours after choosing your installation date, it will become available to other customers.

If you’ve chosen next-day installation

Finish payment or sign your finance agreement before 3.30pm to guarantee your slot.

Will MM Heating do a Chemical Flush?

Yes. We do a Chemical Flush – a hot flush and dose.

We’ll put a cleaner into your system, flushing it around using the boiler. Any debris will be caught by the magnetic Omega TF1 filter we install for free. We’ll keep going until it’s clean.

Once the system is up to temperature, it’s drained and refilled with clean water. Finally, an inhibitor is added to the water to protect the system.

Will MM Heating do a Powerflush?

No. After years of experience, we’ve found that using a Powerflush machine on an older system simply causes more problems.

Instead, we carry out a Chemical Flush – which is a highly effective way to keep your system protected, approved by our manufacturer partners.

What is the filter?

A magnetic filter, which we’ll provide and install for free. It’s fitted to the boiler on the return flow. This catches any debris from your system and stops it getting into your new boiler.
What is a Plume Management Kit?
Help with Find a boiler: can I delete my answers?

What is a Plume Management Kit?

A Plume Management Kit directs ‘products of combustion’ away from openings or vents into your property. This keeps you and your family safe.

Help with Find a boiler: can I delete my answers?

Yes. Tap the button below to go back to the start of Find a boiler and delete your existing answers. You won’t be able to undo this.